Varignia Garcia: Bringing Peru to America

Varignia García (fashion designer) 
I recently volunteered at DC Fashion Week and I had the absolute pleasure of working with Peruvian designer Varignia Garcia as her assistant.
Varignia’s interest in fashion began as a teenager designing dresses with her mother. After graduating from high school, she began collaborating with artisans in Cusco, Peru and working to preserve the ancient techniques used by the Incas.
Peruvians are working together to show our traditions and culture to the world. Alpaca fiber is called the gold of the Andes; we are rescuing ancient techniques from the Inca culture and bringing a piece of history to every garment, making women feel natural, beautiful, and connecting them with their environment.
While Varignia has been experimenting with various textiles, her primary material is the fiber from alpacas (native to South America) and she incorporates it into every design. Promperu and the Embassy of Peru sponsored the presentation of Varignia’s collection, “Andean Mirage,” at DCFW and are working toward the common goal of introducing the world to the beauty and wonder of the Inca Culture.
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