Paris [Couture] is the New Kansas

Name: Lindsey Wixson
Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas
Lindsey began her whirlwind of a modelling career at just 15 years old and has been dominating the runways ever since, both in the U.S. and abroad. When I was 15, I was being benched on my girl’s basketball team. Lindsey and I were just livin’ the dream weren’t we?

She took Paris runways by storm during Autumn/Winter Couture Fashion Week, appearing in four major shows. Naturally, I was sitting at my computer taking notes as the shows were streamed online. After all these years, Lindsey is still modelling and I’m still sitting. We’re nothing, if not consistent.

One of those four shows was Chanel (shown above), in which she appeared twice. The show bridged the gap between old fashion and new fashion, as the audience sat surrounded by rocks and rubble and destruction. Models began their journey against a backdrop of a modern city skyline, and sported futuristic (almost alien-like) hair and eyebrows. Aside from classic tweed and an occasional 1920’s drop-waist, the collection had a fresh look.
Lindsey also appeared twice in Jean Paul Gaultier…one of my all time favorites! It was animal print and fur from their heads to their toes. Gaultier’s shows always have a little bit of sass and this collection was no different. It was African Safari meets 1940’s film noir.
Versace (left) had enough sequin and skin to last a lifetime, but the collection was exquisite! Lindsey rocked a look not many could pull off: a see-through jumpsuit. But one of my all time favorite runway looks has to be her Alexandre Vauthier finale. It had feathers and crystals; everything a girl could wish for.