American Vogue VS Everyone Else

The very last place I want to be is on Anna Wintour’s naughty list. That being said, I’m about to complain about American Vogue‘s boring, repetitive covers (gasp!). Every month, the magazine features an actress or singer. They almost never put a model on the cover. A model.

I’m not ignorant to the fact that the overall goal is to sell magazines and make money. I’m also not ignorant to the fact that the American market isn’t as fashion driven as the European and Asian markets. Is your average American magazine reader more likely to purchase Vogue featuring Arizona Muse as opposed to Vogue featuring Emma Stone? Would they even know who Arizona is? Probably not.

(Hint: She’s on the far right!)

One fateful night, I saw Gisele’s newest Vogue Brasil cover and took to Twitter to let off some steam. Turns out supermodel Lindsey Wixson shares my feelings enough to re-tweet them! It’s not everyday a Vogue supermodel re-tweets you!