Alexandre Vauthier Spring/Summer 2013

Paris Couture. It just sounds pretty, doesn’t it? Alexandre Vauthier created a stunning collection for Paris Couture Fashion Week. The palette was predominantly black with some accents of silver and dark navy. Additionally, Vauthier incorporated gold hardware into the shoes and halter necklines.


At no point did I really notice the lack of color. The mixture of textures and fabrics is what kept this collection fresh and interesting for me. In any given look, Alexandre mixed a sheer (organza?) top with a blazer with satin lapels. High-waist satin pants with a sequined jacket. A sheer gown, paired with a leather jacket.


The versatility in this collection is incredible. With so many separate pieces, you can create a myriad of daytime and nighttime looks, plus some killer gowns. Then again, that’s the nature of couture, isn’t it?
The kicker for me was the final look (a.k.a. the wedding gown). After a collection of dark garments, the diamond bodysuit was a breathtaking finale to an already flawless show.
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